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Green fuel: Körting as a partner for the construction of bio-ethanol plants.

Supported by Körting, Beta Renewables in Crescentino, Italy, belonging to the Mossi & Ghisolfi consortium, is in the process of constructing its first large-scale industrial plant for the production of bio-ethanol from agricultural waste. More and more companies are profiting internationally from the advantages which these plants of the „second generation“ for the special manufacturing of environmentally friendly energy carriers can offer.

Innovation: Venturi Scrubbers for Dedusting Industrial Waste Gases

Costs and competitive constraints for the company have led to new challenges in process technology. This requires new developments. However, even in the future the application of time and tested technologies can be a good payoff. One interesting example for this is the Venturi scrubber developed by Körting Hannover AG for the dedusting of industrial waste gases.

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