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Air register burner LG

These registers belonging to the LG series have been specially developed for use at melting pots in the glass industry and at dryers in the ceramics industry. The basic concept consists of the outer register with air connection, the core tube (flow rectifier) and the lance clamping and adjusting equipment. This air register burner is distinguished by the following main characteristics:

  • Different lance elements promote its suitability for operation with fuel oils and combustion gases
  • Varying execution forms are available for operation with combustion air pre-heating temperatures of up to 800 °C
On the basis of all of these differing operational demands the following assembly modules can be made available:
  • Air staging element for a staged combustion air path to reduce the formation of nitric oxides (NOx)
  • Ignition assembly set consisting of a flame stabiliser, ignition air guide, flame monitoring as well as electrical resp. gas-electrical ignition for use at batch operating cold-working furnaces

Technical data

Burner output: 0,1 – 10 MW Fuels: Natural gas; liquid gas; town gas; fuel oils EL, M, S Combustion air temperature: max. 800 °C

Application fields

  • Glass melting tanks with recuperative combustion air pre-heating
  • UNIT melter
  • Working ends
  • Canals
  • Sand dryers
  • Rotary kilns
  • Dryers
Air register burner LG

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