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Steam jet heaters

Steam jet heaters
Hot water is an indespensable medium in industrial processes. Washing, heating, sterilising and rinsing are possible applications, and the list can be extended at will. There are various ways of producing hot water. The condensation of steam is probably the most commonly used method of producing hot water. Mixing water with steam makes this process extremely flexible; depending on the mixing ratio the temperature of the water can be selected within a wide range.

Although water and steam represent the same chemical substance in different states of aggregation, their uncontrolled confrontation tends to be rather hostile. Condensation shocks, vibrations, noise and material destruction are known consequences of uncontrolled condensation.

In order to ameliorate or even avoid such phenomena, a variety of devices has been developed. Correct choice of suitable equipment depends, on the one hand, upon the process for which it is to be used, and on the other hand upon the specific operating conditions.

Two main groups of heaters: Self-priming and with water supply

Accordingly, the difference between these two kinds of heaters is to be found not in the actual heaters themselves but above in the mode of integration in the overall system. Whereas the heaters of the first group draw in the water to be heated themselves according to the princip of the jet pump, the device belonging to the second group require a supply unit for the water, such as a centrifugal pump or gravity feed.

Self-priming heaters

Fitted steam jet heater
These heaters are to be installed in a liquid tank. Steam flowing through the nozzle is expanded to produce low pressure at the outlet. This causes the neighbouring liquid to be sucked in. Steam condenses thereby heating the liquid which, when flowing out of the heater, achieves a further intermixing action in the tank.


Chemical industry, Foodstuffs industry, Paper industry
Heating of liquids or also liquids/solids mixtures.

Steam jet circulation heater

Heaters with water supply

Steam jet flow heater
To be installed in piping systems. Liquid flows through the heater and steam is pressed into this liquid through the bore-hole of a condensation nozzle. The condensing steam then effects a direct heating of the liquid.


Chemical industry, Foodstuffs industry, Paper industry
Heating of liquids or also liquids/solids mixtures.

Cellulose industry
Production of hot water for defrosting tree trunks.

Steam jet heater ORK

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