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Mixing condensers

Mixing condensers
In mixing condensers, often also called direct contact condensers (injection condensers) or spray condensers, condensation of the vapours takes place in direct contact with the cooling water. The cooling water and the condensate are mixed. In order to reduce the fresh and exhaust water volume, systems with a closed cooling water circuit are designed. It simply is necessary to purge the excess liquid.

Cocurrent or countercurrent operation

It depends on the application whether mixing condensers are designed as cocurrent or countercurrent operation condensers. Each particular process determines which design is applied. Years of experience in design, manufacturing and operation of mixing condensers allow Körting Hannover AG to provide customised and optimised mixing condensers for the required applications.

Advantages of mixing condensers

  • low energy consumption through minimum temperature difference between condensation and cooling water temperature
  • high operation safety through insensitiveness to impurities
  • low investment costs (compared to surface condensers)
  • high cooling agent efficiency (high thermal transmission coefficient through direct heat transfer)
Function diagram of a mixing condenser

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