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Steel combustion chambers without lining

Steel combustion chambers without lining
Steel combustion chambers by HANS HENNIG have been developed for thermal post-combustion as well as for generating process heat. You are on the safe side with our steel combustion chambers when it comes to cleaning contaminated process air.

The utilisation of our counter-flow combustion chamber guarantees the highest efficiency at the lowest energy consumption.

Our plants are designed according to your demands and individually manufactured. This ensures an optimum of adjustment to your process.

Technical data

  • output range: 3,2 – 50 MW
  • fuels: natural gases; fuel oils EL, M, S; lignite dust; wood sanding dusthot gas temperature: max. 600°C
  • cooling gas temperature: max. 140°C

Application fields

Steel combustion chamber for hot gas generation up to 600 °C for industrial drying processes


  • combustion chamber without lining promotes good firing results and a slag-free operation mode
  • exact guidance of cooling gases; the combustion chamber wall is cooled on both sides whereby the flow keeps the exhaust gases away from it

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