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Monoblock burner CKM

Oil / gas burner with blower in Monoblock construction form with digital firing management up to 16 MW


  • electronic fuel / air compound control system
  • microprocessor-controlled firing manager with integrated gas valve tightness control system, standard controls, serial interface and Bus connection
  • O2-regulation
  • rotational speed regulation
  • flame monitoring device via safety-related CAN-Bus connected with the firing manager
  • manual programming device
  • A specially developed service software allows the firing system to be remote controlled.
The emissions are well below the limit values stipulated by the TA-Luft (clean air) legislation. The burners dispose over a variable mixing tube immersion depth which permits optimum adaptation to boilers, hot gas generators and asphalt mixing plants.


  • process steam generation
  • hot gas generators (dryers)
  • asphalt production
  • pilot and support burners in power plants
  • pilot and support burners in waste incineration plants

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