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Liquid jet solids ejector

Flow chart of a mobile liquid jet solids ejector

Bulk material conveyor technique (bulk handling) with Körting ejectors

A liquid motive medium is used to convey solids. The solids are either introduced via a funnel or they can also be sucked in. A carrier medium e.g. water or air is mixed in to improve the delivery effect.


Water treatment and water works

Conveying filter materials such as activated carbon, gravel, exchange resins
Conveying lignite dust in activated sludge

Swimming pool / pool construction and building

As an elevator (water jet ejector) for conveying of solid filter material


Pumping water/solids mixtures out of the deep
Laying of marine cables
Conveying ash/air mixtures from incineration systems on passenger ships
Liquid jet solids ejector

Special solutions for larger delivery volume

For larger quantities and grain sizes of more than 8 mm, special solutions can be used. Depending on the area of application, liquid jet solid ejectors are designed as welding or welding/casting construction for optimally individual applications.

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