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Vacuum systems with mixing condensers in closed alkaline loop (chilled water)

Alkaline Closed Loop - chilled water operated (ACL cold)

Alkaline Closed Loop - chilled water operated (ACL cold)

A chiller cools the cooling water down near to 0 °C and then passes it to the mixing condensers. This means that condensation can take place at a reduced pressure. Only one booster stage is required to effect compression up to the main condenser. Therefore, the amount of motive steam in the process is considerably reduced and operating costs are cut.

Polluted cooling water cycles around in a closed loop system and is cooled down in the brine-cooled plate heat exchangers. Caustic soda is added to the circuit water to prevent contamination by fatty deposits in the plate heat exchangers. Condensate from the motive and suction steam is discharged together with impurities rising from the process via a special fat separator.


  • low energy requirements
  • clean cooling water
  • low maintenance costs
  • minimum amount of waste water

Alternative system

Higher environmental demands and the need to reduce operating costs cause more and more plant operators to replace their systems by Körting ICE Condensation Vacuum Systems.

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