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Traction engines – powered by 145 years of experience

Early on, various products for steam-powered vehicles were part of the product range offered by the Körting brothers, the founders of today’s Körting Hannover AG. When the company was founded in 1871 it also supplied injectors for traction engines (called lokomobiles). Also known as steam-powered tractors, traction engines were the backbone of the heavy goods haulage industry in the 19th and 20th century. Last year, Körting Hannover AG was asked by the owner of a traction engine for help in supplying a jet ejector.

This traction engine was made by John Fowler in Leeds, England in 1904

Ensuring a constant water supply

Traction engines function just like classic steam engines. But they don’t require tracks but normal roads. A constant supply of fresh water is needed to operate a steam engine. The owner of the traction engine pictured above contacted Körting Hannover AG to ensure the water supply when out and about. A solution was required that conveys water from rivers or waterways to the water tanks. A Körting steam jet ejector is a viable option because the traction engine can provide enough steam as the drive media.

Körting was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. Based on the company’s own production range, the jet ejector experts developed a steam jet fluid ejector designed for the purpose. In order to ensure it had a long service life, the customer chose a model in bronze. After clarifying the technical specifications, the jet ejector was made in the Körting Hannover AG plant.

The bronze Körting steam jet fluid ejector for the water supply

113 years old and still in perfect working order

The traction engine with its factory number 9904 was made by John Fowler in Leeds, England in 1904. Since its foundation, the company had been making steam-driven tractors and traction engines. The 19-tonne traction engine was used by several companies in the United Kingdom, including Coulson & Co. Ltd. in London for haulage purposes. Up until the 1940s, Coulson & Co. specialised in transportation and handled heavy-duty haulage with Fowler traction engines. Todays’ owner, Erhard Beloch from Schermbeck in the northern Rhine region, purchased the traction engine in 1993. Since then he has been caring for the historical vehicle.

The Körting Hannover AG team is hoping that Erhard will be delighted with his traction engine for a long time to come. The Körting jet ejector, which is used to supply the water, has a good track record in many applications and will also be an asset to Erhard Beloch too.

Historic picture of the Fowler traction engine. A Körting jet ejector will supply this one with fresh water in the future.

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