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Bulk material conveying with Körting jet ejectors

Various models of Körting liquid jet solids ejectors can be supplied at short notice and come in robust designs to guarantee long service lives.

Liquid jet solids ejectors in operation

Körting liquid jet solids ejectors are always used when solid materials have to be conveyed or solid materials and liquids blended (to form sugar solutions for example). The energy in a motive fluid conveys the solid materials and blends them with the liquid. Specially shaped jet ejector heads ensure the solid materials flow well and no clogging occurs. The jet ejector is so efficient that it minimises the requirement for motive fluid.

It comes in various models, three of which are available from the warehouse at short notice. Liquid jet solids ejectors stand apart for their very robust and durable designs. Attractive conditions keep the purchasing costs for the customer low. Furthermore, Körting places huge emphasis on applying high-quality materials and handling them in a highly skilled manner.

Solids ejectors for particles up to 8 mm in diameter

The solid flows to be conveyed and particle diameters determine where a standard liquid jet solids ejector can be used. Two basic types, each of which comes in two different types of material, are available for particle diameters of up to 8 mm. The mobile liquid jet solids ejector comes in a spheroidal graphite iron (GJS) and a chrome-nickel steel version. If the solids ejector never has to be moved, it can also be supplied on stands.

These types are often used in waterworks, swimming pools or chemical companies. Customers like the convenient way that Körting liquid jet solids ejectors fill up filters.

Customised liquid jet solids ejectors for conveying larger particle sizes

Conveying larger particles of solid materials

Körting also provides attractive solutions for particle diameters over 8 mm. In this case, customised versions of liquid jet solids ejectors are supplied as welded or cast models. Due to the custom-designed solids ejectors, larger solid materials can therefore be conveyed or blended.

Typical uses of these ejectors are in conveying sand, gravel, stone or resin, or moving filter materials such as calcium carbonate or activated charcoal reliably. Körting specialists give in-depth advice to customers on all related issues and help them pick ideal solutions.

At a glance

Liquid jet solids ejectors
Chrome-nickel steel, spheroidal graphite iron (GJS), plastic, further materials on request
Particle Ø:
< 8 mm as a standard solution, > 8 mm as a customised solution
Available in many versions with hose couplings (Storz type) or flange connections

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