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Cost-effective and reliable waste water aeration

Körting waste water aeration ejectors have been handling the toughest of challenges placed on industrial and municipal waste water treatment for a long time now. Demands for an efficient and reliable oxygen transfer system during biological treatment stages make the technology from Hanover sought-after worldwide and the number one choice of plant operators.

The stainless steel 14-jet waste water aeration ejector

At the end of 2014, Körting Hannover AG received an order to supply a 14-jet waste water aeration ejector. The customer, a large German dairy, planned to expand its biological waste water treatment plant. The ejector lies at the heart of the oxygen transfer and mixing system and was made completely of grade 1.4571 stainless steel at the customer’s request. The ejector was produced in Körting’s Hanover plant. Attached to the middle of the tank bottom, this device ensures comprehensive aeration and complete mixing in the reactor which is filled up to 17 metres.

A customised stainless-steel design

In the majority of cases, the Körting waste water aeration systems are made of polypropylene. The high level of vertical integration at the Hanover plant means that products can also easily be made in other materials too. Therefore, the stainless-steel version was a customised item, but wasn’t a problem for Körting’s experts. The plant operator has already ordered a second device made by Körting from this material. Due to the positive experience the customer had back in 2006 with commissioning the first reactor, this Hanover-based technology was again selected. The second order therefore proves just how satisfied the customer was.

As customised single solutions, Körting transfer systems are designed and adapted for each application. A range of oxygen transfer trials supplied the data for the design. Körting Hannover AG has been developing and manufacturing oxygen transfer systems since 1989. This technology is much in demand across the world because it contains no rotating or moveable parts and requires no maintenance. In contrast to other aeration systems, Körting ejectors ensure full mixing in the reactor without any dead zones. They are also impressive because they offer utilise oxygen superbly. These characteristics guarantee that the plant is very reliable, economical and offers a high degree of availability.

Körting Hannover AG is certified to ISO 9001 and a number of international product standards. Manufacturing complex machinery and these types of special solutions are day-to-day business for the company.

The 14-jet ejector during production

At a glance

14-jet waste water aeration ejector
1.4571 grade stainless steel
Biological waste water treatment plant in a dairy
Tank volume:
900 m³

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