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Vacuum systems with surface condenser and liquid ring vacuum pumps

Controllable vacuum systems with mixing condensers
Connecting ejectors with liquid ring vacuum pumps means to combine the advantages of both systems. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are mechanical pumps with moveable parts. These parts are more prone to interferences than jet ejectors and investment costs are higher. However, operation is much more cost-effective.

These systems can be installed barometrically or non-barometrically. Jet ejectors and condensers can be mounted horizontally or vertically.


  • separation of process and cooling medium
  • short start-up time even though no hogging ejector is used
  • possibility of entraining condensate from the upstream condenser


  • process and cooling medium-sided pollution possible
  • increased maintenance and repair costs (mechanical pump)
  • exposed to potential damage through cavitation
  • limited choice of materials


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