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Process vapour operated ejectors

Process vapour operated ejectors


Vacuum generation for polycondensation processes e.g. PET, PBT
Vacuum generation for special products


  • suction- and operating flows are identical
  • pollution-resistant
  • trouble-free operation for years
  • no need for a stand-by system
  • economical operation
  • no waste water
Organic vapours such as e.g. ethylene-glycol, butandiol, butanol, mono-chloride benzol, trichloroethylene, may all be used as a motive medium for ejectors operating with vapour from the process. The suitability of a substance as a motive medium is determined by its vapour pressure curve. The decisive factor is that the evaporation temperature should be less than the decomposition temperature. The temperature of the available cooling agent determines the necessary condensation pressure and can absolutely exclude the use of certain motive flows. Vapour pressure alterations caused by low-boiling components must be taken into consideration.
Flow chart of process vapour operated ejectors

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