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Vacuum systems with process-vapour operated ejectors

Vacuum systems with mixing condensers and process-vapour operated ejectors

Vacuum systems with process-vapour operated ejectors
If ejectors are applied for generating a vacuum, process vapour offers considerable advantages. The ejectors shown here are used to evacuate the polycondensation stage of a PET manufacturing process and generate a suction pressure of <1 mbar. The whole vacuum system is operated as a closed-loop unit and uses ethylene glycol (EG, Glycol) as motive vapour, cooling and operating liquid.

These ejectors are double-jacketed and heated with HTM (oil) at 300 °C. Mixing condensers are installed between the ejectors for condensation purposes. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a thermoplastic of the polyester family, which is fabricated by means of polycondensation. Körting has been reliably fulfilling the high demands on these installations for decades and has successfully installed more than 200 of this kind of systems world wide.


  • environment-friendly (no cooling water and air pollution)
  • energy-saving due to high efficiency
  • environmental protection integrated into the process

More information

Are you interested in more information about Körting mixing condensers? Körting vacuum systems are also deliverable with surface condensers.

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