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Vacuum systems with surface condenser for non-barometric installation

Controllable vacuum systems with mixing condensers
Contrary to a barometric installation of surface condensers (barometric height 11 m), this set-up offers the possibility of reducing the system's installation height. This design, using vertical surface condenser, is used in cases where there is a liability of a higher degree of pollution by the process flows. The installation of spray nozzles in the condenser head enables "cleaning" to take place even during operation. Horizontal installation - see option with liquid ring pump.


  • Reduced installation height
  • Separation of the process- and cooling water flows
  • Short start-up time without a start-up ejector
  • Possibility of draining condensate from the pre-connected


  • Possibility of pollution on the process- and cooling water side
  • Increased maintenance and repairs expenditure (mechanical pump)
  • Increased liability towards breakdowns
  • Possibility of material damages due to cavitation (mechanical pump)
  • Limited possibilities in the choice of materials (mechanical pump)


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