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Liquid jet liquid ejector

Classical application in the shipbuilding industry (bilge of ballast tanks)
A liquid motive medium is used to suck off another liquid and to convey it to a higher pressure. High turbulence achieves a homogeneous intermixture of both flows.


Water treatment

Dilution of lyes and acids (ejectors for waste water aeration)

Synthetic fertilizer plants (UREA plants)

Pumping "carbamate"-solution back to the Urea-reactor (ejectors for fertilizer production)

Foodstuffs- and chemical industry

Pumping and mixing of diverse liquids
Application example with two liquid jet liquid ejectors
Application example with two liquid jet liquid ejectors

Hydroelectric power stations

Emergency drainage of pump pits

Sea-water evaporators

Conveying concentrated sea-water (brine)


Inside the ship: pumping and cargo out bilges, chain lockers, holds ballast tanks (applications in shipbuilding)

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