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Controllable vacuum systems with mixing condensers

Controllable vacuum systems with mixing condensers

Controllable vacuum systems with mixing condensers

Steam jet vacuum systems can be equipped with a control unit to adapt to changing cooling water temperatures (summer/winter). So the minimum required motive steam consumption is automatically adjusted according to the respective cooling water temperature.

Controlling takes place within the motive flow zone through reduction of the motive steam pressure or by varying the nozzle (nozzle needle) cross-section. Particularly, the nozzle needle control has shown good results as it utilises the maximum expansion ratio throughout the motive steam nozzle. The nozzle needle can be axially displaced by means of electrical or pneumatic actuators.

As a result, this installation offers tailor-made consumptions and therefore reduced energy costs whereas performance remains unchanged. In contrast to non-controllable installations the investment costs for controllable vacuum systems are higher. However, pay-back time is very short.


  • decreasing of the motive steam amount and therefore reducing of the energy consumption

More information

Are you interested in more information about our mixing condensers? Our vacuum systems are also deliverable with surface condensers.
Diagram of motive flow reduction according to cooling water inlet temperature


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