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Who we are


FED was founded at the beginning of the '90 years by Roberto Dragoni, as a society for projecting, construction and selling of ejectors and vacuum systems, utilizing the the experience of twenty years collaboration with  the society ing. Luigi De Kümmerlin sas.

Since 1993 FED is exclusive agent of society Körting Hannover AG.

Ernst Körting in 1871, the year in which the Körting company was founded, built the "injector" as a water pump for steam boiler supply.

On this basis, in a few years all the current known types of ejectors were developed, which today are essential components of many plants in the process industry.

The continuous improvement of the various models and the fruitful exchange of experiences with users have led to the vast construction program aimed at energy saving and environmental protection.

The collaboration with our German partner that has lasted for over half a century allows us to offer cutting-edge solutions in every industrial sector where ejectors, vacuum units, washers, heaters, etc. are applied. as well as supplying products that meet the different standards and certifications required all over the world.

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