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Lehr Burner

The burner series tg-m are Monoblock- type burners with integrated blower for the combustion air, electrical ignition and fl ame supervision through ionisation. They are especially designed for the application at annealing and decorating lehrs of the glass- industry. Due to the thermal stress out of these industrial processes in many heat protection measures are provided.

Technical specifications

  • Modulating mode of operation for stepless adaption of the burner capacity through speed control of the combustion air blower.
  • Gas-/ air compound unit microprocessor controlled automatic fi rer for intermitting or continuous (Option!) operation for control and supervision of pneumatic controlled forced draught gas burners with speed controlled blower and capacity controller input
  • heat resistant mixing device and baffle plate
  • connection dimensions compatible to the burner series tg1-/1a- wpK. The electric capacity control must be converted in this case from one step to modulating control
Lehr burner tg-m

Applications ranges

Burner for Annealing-/ Decorating Lehrs and Ancillary Furnaces of the Glass Industry

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