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Jet ejectors for shipbuilding
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Ignition Burner

 Ignition Burner / Ignition Lance
The pilot burners ZB (ZB-HT)* are ruggedly designed for industrial furnaces. Installed with an air/gas mixer as well as the ignition electrode they can be easily supervised by burner control unit or automatic flame guards in the electrode enterprise. The burners can be supplied with adjusted nozzle or needle valve for gas.

Technical specifications

  • Burner capacities: 4kW to 25kW
  • Inklusive mixer
  • Standard lenghts: 200mm, 400mm, 600mm
  • Lengs up to 20.000mm according to customer spetifications are possible
  • With metallic or ceramc nozzle
  • Measuring nipple for the detection of gas and air pressure

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