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Jet ejectors for shipbuilding
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Canal burner


Air preheater for make up air
  • Drying in the following areas: building materials, paint systems, porcelain etc.
  • Air heating for the thermal afterburning plants
  • Air heating for procedural process with acidiferous process air
  • Air heating for procedural process with abrasive particles in the process air

Techncal Data

  • installing in process channel / flue gas canal
  • direct heating of process air
  • complete mounted with ignition burner
  • higher gas-side control range (up to 1:40)
  • combustion air supply directly from the process air (O2 content ≥18 vol%)
  • applications in process gas with O2 content
  • application at high process gas temperatures (to 750°C) optional possible
  • design depending on field o utilization and furnace geometry
Canal burner

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