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Duoblock burner CK

 Duoblock burner CK
A better technology to solve emission problems. Can be executed as a fan-assisted dust- / oil- / gas burner, Duoblock construction form, up to 75 MW


Output range Fuel
3 – 75 MW combustible dusts
1 – 40 MW natural gases / fuel oil

Decisive advantages

  • distribution of combustion air over 3 burner tips
  • twin gas feed with pre-mixing of fuel and combustion air
  • electronic fuel/air compound control system
  • O2 regulation
  • speed regulation
  • flame monitoring device via safety-related CAN-Bus

Application fields

  • Hot gas generator (dryer)
  • Asphalt production
  • Process steam generation
  • Pilot and support burners in power plants
  • Pilot and support burners for waste incineration plants

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